We are the Leading Independent Facility Management Company in Greater China

Our professionalism makes us the leader in the industry

Mature technology and enormous scale allow us to be praised by insiders and customers as the leader in various professional areas.


Proven techniques and enormous scope win us praise as the leader in multiple professional fields from both industry insiders and customers


With over 55 years of service experience, we provide comprehensive and professional cleaning service schemes to business clients in many categories. We are the leading intra-industry cleaning service company.
ESG is a foreign-owned group registered in the Cayman Islands possessing two service brands, "RELIANCE" and "WATSON". Since 1953, it has focused on the facilities services fields in China and Hong Kong. We provide the best service experience to customers through industry-leading expertise and excellent management practices. The business presently operates in Hong Kong and in dozens of cities in 13 provinces of China. We have over 13,000 employees.